07/09/18 – Fire and Emergency New Zealand is currently consulting with employees and volunteers about changes to how it operates in the future. The aim is to harness and build on current strengths, and refine the way fire and emergency services are delivered across New Zealand so we can create a unified Fire and Emergency NZ.

The proposals have been developed by Fire and Emergency NZ, working with ourselves, other Unions and Associations, and people from across the organisation. They include establishing unified operational boundaries, establishing new functions, and an increased focus on risk reduction, strategy and community resilience.

Fire and Emergency NZ is also seeking feedback on its draft Volunteerism and draft Risk Reduction strategies.

It’s important that we all have our say on the proposals and draft strategies, including what we think will work well, what we think should change, and what’s needed to make them work. Please make it clear if your feedback is from a crew or team, address the proposals in the consultation document as directly as possible, and please be respectful of others views. If you disagree with a proposal, explain why, so everyone is able to understand your reasons.

We have a great opportunity to shape the organisation as part of this consultation process. If anyone has any queries, please contact your nominated delegate or email considerthis@fireandemergency.nz.

You can read the proposals, ask questions and make a submission online at: www.considerthis.co.nz/fenz.

The consultation will run until 5pm 19 October 2018.


27/02/18 –  Hi all please see email below (from Rob Collins)  regarding a defect on one of the chin strap rivets on water safety helmets. I have advised our senior leaders and Rob will continue to work with Area advocates to survey the kits that are out already.  The volume of affected helmets is reasonably low (<.4%); Rob will continue to work with Pacific Helmets and Region Advisors and will keep you informed. We recommend that officers continue to use dynamic risk assessment and use existing procedures should they need more resources.  For the Agency reps we need your support and I hope this initial information will help should you be asked about this issue by your members. We have given OLT, Area Commanders and Assistant Area commanders the same information and will keep you all in the loop.  Kate Hill is on leave please direct all communications to Rob Collins and myself.  There appears to be a gap in the some of your contact details as we don’t appear to have contact mobiles for some of you. Can you please reply to this email with your mobile number so we can talk with you directly on urgent matters. We will always follow up with an email although this may take sometime before you have a chance to reply or at least read the information from us and before you start fielding calls from those you represent – it’s always better for you to have this information beforehand! – Esitone Pauga, Operational Capability Manager

26/02/18 –  We have noticed an issue with a small handful of helmets in the water safety kits that have just been rolled out. The issue stems from one chin strap rivet not being correctly rounded at manufacture thus not securing in the helmet.  At this stage we are looking at a total of 10 helmets out to 2800 which have been rolled out. Pacific Helmets believe this is a very short run error and this is definitely more of a precaution on our part.  Area advocates for the Working Safely around Water project are currently contacting brigades in their areas to check and send away faulty helmets for repair if necessary.  Pacific are doing a same day turnaround and overnight return with a limited time disruption for the kits.  We have a small amounts of loan helmets in Auckland and Wellington to cover some of these helmets if they are sent away.  Pacific helmets are also on road shortly to check the water safety helmets at some stations. Once again we see this as a precautionary move and will monitor and report back as we work through checking the helmets. Any questions please get in touch – Rob Collins, National Operations Advisor


16/01/18 – Update from Richard Dagger – Principal Advisor Workplace Relations

This is to advise that the Holidays Act project portal page is being updated with the following target payment dates to correct leave taken since 1 January 2010 in accordance with the Holidays Act 2003.

Group Target Date Notes*
1.       Non-firefighters – straightforward 28 Feb 2018 Non-firefighters not in the complex group 2 below.
2.       Non-firefighters –  complex 25 Apr 2018 Non-firefighters who were in a firefighters role at any time between 1 Jan 2010 – 1 Aug 2017.
3.       Black-watch employees who received a supplementary holiday pay each December 20 Jun 2018 As the historical December supplementary payments generally paid more than what was required by the Holidays Act, this payment will be for any small adjustments that may be required.
4.       Firefighters & Communication Centre employees – straightforward 19 Dec 2018 All rostered uniformed and communication centre employees not in the complex group 5 below.
5.       Firefighters & Communication Centre employees – complex 27 Mar 2019 Rostered uniformed and communication centre employees who may have been in a non-operational role between  1 Jan 2010 – 1 Aug 2017 or have complexities around the pro rata, alternate days, bereavement, or sick leave during this same period.

*Please note that the payment dates are target dates based on best endeavours to correct the situation as early as we can. The dates may change if further unforeseen issues arise, as it is important to correctly calculate any amounts owed and make the one payment covering all leave types rather than rush this work.


03/07/2017 – Signing Ceremony today! – an important message for our people – Safety, Health & Wellbeing


24/05/2017 – Update from Richard Dagger – Principal Advisor Workplace Relations

NZFS will be sending letters to all existing staff formally notifying them of their transition to FENZ.

Letter pack distribution

Our intention is to send out the letter packs for operational employees and volunteers (grouped by stations/brigades) to Area Managers from Monday 29 May 2017. Area Managers will be asked to distribute these letter packs to stations and Chief Fire Officers before Friday 23 June so that we can ensure all personnel are transitioned to the new organisation by 1 July 2017.   This will mean that FRMs will get the letters for their direct reports including AMs.  AMs will get the letters for all of their employees and for the CFOs and their volunteers.  AMs will ask CFOs to distribute letters to their volunteers.

Letter packs for NHQ employees will also be distributed from Monday 29 May. They will be grouped by line managers and sent to each SLT member to distribute, except where otherwise instructed (for example communications centres and training centres).  This will mean that the CE/NC will get the letters for their direct reports and each SLT member will get the letters for all the employees in their function and can distribute via each of their managers.

Click the below links to view letter templates:

Volunteer Urban Letter Template

Urban Paid Letter Template